Things To Know About Physician Assistant Jobs

Things To Know About Physician Assistant Jobs
by Litton Resource Group

Physician assistant jobs are becoming more common than in the past. Many hospitals are interested in cutting costs and an experienced PA can perform many of the duties of a doctor. It takes a great deal less money and time to study for a PA job than going to medical school for many years. However, more people are checking into PA positions and this means increased competition. Here are a few things to know if you are considering this type of career.

Each year, enrollment in PA programs continues to rise, as more physician assistant jobs become available. This brings on greater competition as many colleges only have so many vacancies. When openings are fewer and applicants are greater, the prerequisites become more difficult.

Those interested in a PA career should pay close attention to grade point averages. Most programs want a 3.0 average for acceptance and some are as high as 3.6 or greater. Your test scores will be of great importance as will the quality of your credits. You cannot have too many science credits like biology, chemistry, and anatomy. In fact, they should be considered as elective courses.

Serious PA students should be working in health care with several years of experience. This is an invaluable aid for those that wish to become doctor assistants. Higher learning facilities consider experienced health care workers as much as academically gifted students, when looking at applicants.

Your experience working with patients is important because it carries over to your PA training. You will need a great deal of clinical time to finish your education. If you have a lot of experience in health care it gives a decided edge over many others seeking training or employment. One of the best ways to gain valuable experience is to take part-time jobs at clinics, doctor offices, or hospitals, during summer break. After school work is another way to earn extra money and add to your resume.

If you are planning to attend one of the better learning institutions, they will consider all of your achievements. The more volunteer work you have, the more impressive it may be. Many colleges are impressed with students that have extensive community service. This is a good way to be separated from the average student.

Before you decide to become a doctor assistant, it is best to get a feel for the job. If possible, spend time with physician assistants in actual working conditions. You may be able to assist a medical professional in some kind of volunteer capacity. Any time that you spend gives you the chance to gain experience and helps with your career choices. This is important for choosing a specialty.

Once you begin work as a PA you will enjoy a high paying job and many related benefits. Employment in health care will see strong growth in the future. You will find physician assistant jobs in many specialty fields. Maybe you are a few years away from graduation. This is all the more reason to study hard and get as much on the job experience as you can. It will greatly assist you in the future.

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