Physician Assistants Play a Vital Role In Healthcare Delivery

Physician assistants are in high demand and play a vital
role in healthcare.Their employment should grow faster than
other occupations. We will see an expansion especially in
rural areas and the center of the city. Between 2008 and
2018, it is estimated that the use of PAs will grow about 40
percent. This increase has to do with the focus on reducing
costs and PAs are less expensive then doctors.

PAs work under a licensed physician or surgeon. PAs receive
training similar to that of a physician and are tasked to do
similar duties such as diagnose patients, order tests, read
the test results, write prescriptions and perform medical
procedures. They may be in administrative roles as well. One
may see a PA as the only practitioner in some clinics.

A PA can typically complete a program within 2 years if
they attend full-time. They learn subjects like physiology,
pharmacology, pathology and biochemistry. They also complete
a supervised clinical training program in certain
specialized practice areas such as family practice,
cardiology, and so forth.

After graduation, PAs need to become licensed in their
state. Once they receive their license, they are required to
take 100 hours of continuing education courses every 2 years
to keep their license.

The regions that will experience the most growth will be in
primary care, and assisting with medical procedures. This is
a practical approach to reducing costs since the care is the
same as a doctor. With PAs performing the same tasks as
doctors, one can easily realize the cost savings.

PAs are clearly an asset in healthcare and they claim
nearly 74,800 jobs. More than 50% of these jobs are in
medical offices. Roughly 20% are in hospitals. The annual
salary of a PA is typically around $81,000. The best wages
were paid by hospitals. The lowest wages were paid in
colleges or universities. However, highest pay is not
necessarily what a person desires most from a job and may
have a desire to teach others rather than make the highest

PAs should have a passion to help patients and be
self-motivated. Ideally, they should have the ability to
make quick decisions, ability to remain calm, and offer a
good bedside manner of their patients. In addition, they
must be ready to learn for the remainder of their career, as
this career requires ongoing education.

Physician assistants are in high demand will be used more
often as our system requires a more cost effective approach.
The volume of employment will be enhanced. The
responsibilities of the job will involve more procedures and
abilities, so the scope of the job will grow. A PA is a
promising career to pursue in our society today.

As our society demands cost-effective healthcare, physician
assistant jobs
are in demand. Let us tell you more about
right now