PAs Are In Demand Today As We Demands Lower Cost Healthcare

Physician assistants are in high demand and play a vital role in healthcare.Their employment should grow faster than other occupations. We will see an expansion especially in rural areas and the center of the city. Between 2008 and 2018, it is estimated that the use of PAs will grow about 40 percent. This increase has to do with the focus on reducing costs and PAs are less expensive then doctors.

PAs practice under the supervision of a physician or a surgeon. They have been trained to provide health care services similar to that of a doctor such as checking a patient, history taking, ordering tests, interpreting test results and make diagnoses. PAs also perform procedures such as casting and suturing wounds. They prescribe medications and manage other clinical staff. It is not uncommon to have a solo PA working in an institution downtown or rural setting.

A PA typically completes their studies in 2 years. They are taught subjects such as human anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, pathology, and biochemistry. They are required to undergo a supervised clinical training as well.

After graduation, PAs are required to be licensed in their respective state. After receiving their license, they must earn 100 hours of continuing medical education courses every two years to maintain their license.

We will see the primary care field expand fastest. Also, PAs will be assisting with more medical procedures. This conveniently allows facilities to provide the same care but at a more reasonable cost.

Physician Assistants had close to 74,800 jobs, as reported in 2008. Over half of these jobs are in private medical practices. More than 20 percent are public or private hospitals. The average annual salary of a PA is about $ 81,230 in 2008. The highest earners were employed in hospitals. The lowest incomes came from colleges or universities.

A PA should have a desire for helping patients and to be self-motivating. They should be able to think quickly, be able to stay calm, and offer a nice bed side manner to patients. Additionally, they must life long learners, as this career requires that they earn many hours of education each year in order to maintain their license. Also, a PA should be caring and compassionate in order to provide the highest quality care to patients.

Physician assistants are in high demand and we will see more physician assistants in our healthcare facilities. The employment opportunities will increase. Job responsibilities will include more procedures then is now included, and the scope of employment will grow. A PA is a great career.

As our society demands cost-effective healthcare, physician assistant jobs are in demand. Let us tell you more about PA jobs right now.