National Health Service Corps Recruitment and Retention Assistance

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Sponsor Bureau of Health Professions
Deadlines Applications accepted on an ongoing basis
Purpose Assistance for qualifying practice sites in recruiting and retaining community-responsive, culturally competent primary care clinicians. If approved as an NHSC site, your open vacancies will be published on the NHSC Opportunities List and viewed by hundreds of clinicians, including NHSC Scholars and those interested in the Loan Repayment Program. If your application is submitted in order to retain a clinician already hired by your site who would like to participate in the NHSC Loan Repayment Program, your vacancy will not be posted on the Opportunities List since it is not an “open” vacancy.
Eligibility Sites must meet several criteria, including:

  • Located in a federally designated HPSA. You may check your HPSA status by searching the HPSA database, or you may read more information about the HPSA designation process.
  • Documentation of sound fiscal management
  • Use a sliding-fee schedule or other documented methods to reduce fees that ensure no financial barriers to care exist, accept assignment of Medicare, and enter into an agreement with the State agency that administers Medicaid
  • Proof of the capacity to maintain a competitive salary, benefits, and malpractice coverage package

NHSC sites must provide requested health care services regardless of the individuals ability or method of payment. NHSC sites must not discriminate in the provision of services to an individual because of (1) the individual’s ability to pay for the services; or (2) because payment for the services would be made under the Medicare, Medicaid or State Children’s Health Insurance Programs.

Amount of
Assistance in finding a clinician.
To begin the application process for NHSC assistance, sites must complete the NHSC Recruitment and Retention Assistance Application available on the program web site.

For more information contact:
1-800-221-9393 or e-mail:

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