Mental Health Care By Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners

Some people view the psychiatric nurse practitioners as a very trivial profession. This is because they believe that it is a normal occurrence that one should feel down or worried about something that happens to him or her. They also argument that these feelings of sadness and frustration could be healed by time.

There are two levels in this clinical study, one is the basic and the other is the advanced. The former level which comprises of the registered nurses actually works with people at individual level, groups, communities and families. They assess their mental health problems which enables the practitioner to develop his or her own diagnosis and a good plan or care. It is also their role to implement their plan and also make an evaluation of the nursing care.

The other level is the advanced practice registered nurses which is practiced by those who have a post graduate studies in this field and have taken up the role of a specialist or a practitioner. However, they take the higher ladder of specialty nursing who deal a lot with research.

The primary mental health care is very important and very essential as they are critical in assisting patients with coexisting physical conditions where they apply physical assessment, drug and differential diagnosis; hence they work more in a psychiatric settings.

There are various barriers that block many people from seeking psychiatric help, they include stigma, cost of treatment, inconveniences and at time in other parts of the world transportation since most of these facilities are normally centralized.

However, stigma can only be overcome through scheduled appointments in a more convenient facility. On the other hand, when mental disorders or condition is detected early enough could help increase recovery rate. The psychiatric use evidence based method to come to the conclusion that one needs mental care. Hence, this would also improve the patients physical health and save a lot of money that could have been spent when treating a blown out condition.

They also have a role to integrate the mental with the medical care, since it is evident that when a patient has a chronic mental problem he or she develops multiple medical issues. On the other hand when some conditions prolong such as the mood, anxiety, and other psychotic conditions they often bring about critical behaviors which include poor eating habits, having strained personal and professional relationships, sedentary and poor lifestyles and poor coping skills.

In addition, there is possibility for adverse reaction when using anti psychotics. Hence the psychiatric nurse practitioners can make evidence based assessment thereby with the ability to access to medical records diagnosis could be done with his or her consent. However, it is evident that there those treatment methods and medications which can lead to further deterioration of a persons mental health instead of recovery. As a result it is advisable to approach only the accredited practitioners, who have been registered and licensed to practice this clinical care due to their credentials and there qualification levels

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