Interested In Working In New Zealand?

Many medical professionals make the move to New Zealand each year for lifestyle reasons, working holidays and / or career change. The immigration company you deal through should be able to advise you of reputable recruitment agencies in New Zealand. Alternatively you can search for recruiters online by typing your profession for example ‘nurse recruitment agency in New Zealand’.

To help give you an idea of the demand for jobs in your area of expertise, take a look through the resulting company’s sites and review their current vacancies section (if they have one). A good website should also offer a search function according to regional locations in NZ helping you target particular areas.

When looking for a New Zealand health care recruitment agency to carry out the job analysis, sourcing, screening and selection processes for you, it is very important to know that they can match your skills and experience to suitable job vacancies in your area of expertise.

If you know of a particular organization or company you would like to work for it can be helpful to find out if they deal through an employment agency that you could register with. Many agencies have well established relationships and contracts with medical companies in NZ.New Zealand has a wide range of public and private health care provider services situated across both the North and South Island’s which include: accident & emergency, audiology, nursing, general practitioners, midwifery and mental health services. The recruitment process can be a very time consuming and laborious experience, therefore having confidence in an agency’s ability is very important. Find out what experience and knowledge an agency’s consultants have in relation to your medical field. Be sure to read endorsements about their company, client reviews and testimonials.

Once you have been approved by the New Zealand Health Councils and Registration Boards a healthcare employment firm should:

– Offer you guidelines regarding each interview they have set up for you
– Provide you with a detailed copy of the job description so that you can prepare yourself for the interviewers questions
– Provide you with details of your interview panel and confirmation of the date and times for all interviews.

Our beautiful country has much to offer in terms of being a safe and friendly place to live for medical professionals.
Selecting a specialist recruitment agency is an important step to your immigration process in New Zealand.


Author Description :Tonix NZ Health Recruitment is a boutique agency that specializes in recruiting nurses and other health professionals from around the globe for jobs in New Zealand. Our team of experienced consultants offers individualized guidance and support throughout the whole process of moving to and working in New Zealand. Tonix offers guidance from the beginning to the very end of the process, and despite the time zone challenges, emails and phone calls keep candidates up-to-date throughout the process. When they next come to the United Kingdom, meet with them and see for yourself what they have to offer. Contact Tonix today.