Using Social Media to find Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant Jobs

Social Media has really taken off in the last five years and is now a mainstream tool that can be used very effectively to locate nurse practitioner jobs and physician assistant jobs. Blogs and Forums are great places to gather information on PA and NP Schools, medical supplies, Jobs and career advice in general. The Forums are nice because you can interact with other Physician Assistants and talk about the issues you face on the job each day.

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Nurse Practitioner Needed In North Carolina

LRG is currently seeking 2 Nurse Practitioners with 3 or more years of experience as Hospitalist or in Family Practice with inpatient experience. These positions are in North Carolina and the client is ready to hire. Please contact Robert Litton at 704-900-6536. To view the job posting please go to North Carolina NP Jobs .

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A Nurse Practitioner Is Reminded Why She Chose Her Profession

Article by Kimberly Spering, MSN, FNP-BC

Article provided by Clinical 1

The past two weeks were difficult for me, physically and emotionally. One of my favorite patients, “J,” went to hospice care in a local nursing home, as her husband could not physically care for her at their home. I counseled a lovely older woman who is on her third bout of cancer in the past two years… colon, then breast,

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Tweet For PA and NP Jobs

Ok, so we have all heard about Twitter? Or maybe not? Twitter, a rapidly growing social media outlet has moved beyond following the tweets of friends or celebrities and is fast becoming a great way to stay informed about job openings in your specialty. It is now possible to receive tweets about physician assistant and nurse practitioner opening! You can even pinpoint a specific location so for example if you wanted to only hear about Nurse Practitioner openings in Internal Medicine in Charlotte,

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Interested In Working In New Zealand?

Many medical professionals make the move to New Zealand each year for lifestyle reasons, working holidays and / or career change. The immigration company you deal through should be able to advise you of reputable recruitment agencies in New Zealand. Alternatively you can search for recruiters online by typing your profession for example ‘nurse recruitment agency in New Zealand’.

To help give you an idea of the demand for jobs in your area of expertise,

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Salary Information For Nurse Practitioners

I got frequent calls from Nurse Practitioners asking how much they should be getting paid based on their experience and geographic location. In most cases it varies from hospital to hospital or practice to practice. In order to get a general rule of thumb to follow for salary information I did some research and found a Salary Survey that you may find helpful. I know I did. Just follow the link bellow. You will discover lots of good resources here.

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Working As A Nurse Practitioner

We are seeing more and more Nurse Practitioners when we visit the doctor now. You may be wondering why that is the case. To put it simply a Nurse Practitioner can do most of what the physician can do when it comes to treating colds, sore throats, flu etc and it is a lower cost provider so it saves the system money.

You may be wondering how do you become an NP and what would you do if you were an NP.

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Practice Opportunities For Nurse Practitioners


Nurse Practitioner employment opportunities can be found almost anywhere. However, private practices constitute the fastest growing segment in terms of new nursing jobs. This type of position will find you working hand in hand with a local doctor, providing primary care or even specialized care. Nurse Practitioners can specialize in a number of fields and lend their expertise and assistance to doctors practicing in those areas.

Some areas in which NPs can specialize include preoperative nursing,

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National Health Service Corps Recruitment and Retention Assistance

web site

Bureau of Health Professions

Applications accepted on an ongoing basis

Assistance for qualifying practice sites in recruiting and retaining community-responsive, culturally competent primary care clinicians. If approved as an NHSC site, your open vacancies will be published on the NHSC Opportunities List and viewed by hundreds of clinicians, including NHSC Scholars and those interested in the Loan Repayment Program. If your application is submitted in order to retain a clinician already hired by your site who would like to participate in the NHSC Loan Repayment Program, Read More