Nurse Practitioners Want More Independence

Some of David Jones’ patients call him Dr. David, but he’s not an M.D.

Jones is a nurse practitioner, one of many who practice in Alabama, meeting with patients, diagnosing their health problems, running tests and writing prescriptions. For some of his patients, he’s a lifesaver.

Take Ruby Lamar, a patient at the Capstone Rural Health Center in Walker County where Jones works. The unemployed, uninsured 61-year-old hadn’t sought medical care since her daughter was born in 1986,

The Public Image of Nurse Practitioners

Although the role of the nurse practitioner (Np) has been in existence for several decades, it is still not well understood or recognized by the public. More than one-third of Americans report that their knowledge of health care comes from the media. Yet the media does little to recognize the roles of nurses as health care providers.

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The Nurse Practitioner In Rural America

It’s an old story, and nurse practitioners (NPs) in rural and underserved areas know it well. The last physician in town finally leaves the area because of mounting debt, bad health, or a better opportunity, only to have an NP move in to try to…

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The Utilization of Nurse Practitioners In The Hospital.

More and more hospitals are using in-house physicians and nurse practitioners to monitor patient care.

“Is this the wave of the future? Yes, because it is already the wave of the present,” said Robert Wachter, MD, president of the National Association of Inpatient Physicians and chief of medical services at UCSF, where 20 percent of last year’s internal medicine residents chose to follow the school’s hospitalist

“The forces promoting it are only accelerating it,”

Nurse Practitioner Job Description

Have you ever needed a job description for a nurse practitioner? From time to time I get calls from clients that are in need of a good job description. In most cases they have not used nurse practitioners in the past and putting together a good job description is a great place to start. I found a good little web site that offers job descriptions, educational information and some good articles on the nurse practitioner profession.

Job Challenges For Nurse Practitioners

The role of the Nurse Practitioner has been changing slowly over time due to the increasing demand for the NP in the medical work setting. This increase in demand now has nurse practitioners facing many new challenges. The need for a more flexible and progressive approach to a nurse practitioner’s delivery of care is a fundamental challenge. Much of the work traditionally carried out by general practitioners will need to be delegated to properly trained personnel such as nurse practitioners.

Check Out This Great Resource for Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners

I was doing some internet research for a private practice group that is in need of several Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners to join their group. In doing my research I ran across a very good resource. Check it out as I think you will find it helpful and informative. Here is the link Psych Resource Let me know what you think. Thanks

Using Social Media to find Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant Jobs

Social Media has really taken off in the last five years and is now a mainstream tool that can be used very effectively to locate nurse practitioner jobs and physician assistant jobs. Blogs and Forums are great places to gather information on PA and NP Schools, medical supplies, Jobs and career advice in general. The Forums are nice because you can interact with other Physician Assistants and talk about the issues you face on the job each day.