PAs Are In Demand Today As We Demands Lower Cost Healthcare

Physician assistants are in high demand and play a vital role in healthcare.Their employment should grow faster than other occupations. We will see an expansion especially in rural areas and the center of the city. Between 2008 and 2018, it is estimated that the use of PAs will grow about 40 percent. This increase has to do with the focus on reducing costs and PAs are less expensive then doctors.

PAs practice under the supervision of a physician or a surgeon. They have been trained to provide health care services similar to that of a doctor such as checking a patient, history taking, ordering tests, interpreting test results and make diagnoses. PAs also perform procedures such as casting and suturing wounds. They prescribe medications and manage other clinical staff. It is not uncommon to have a solo PA working in an institution downtown or rural setting.

A PA typically completes their studies in 2 years. They are taught subjects such as human anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, pathology, and biochemistry. They are required to undergo a supervised clinical training as well.

After graduation, PAs are required to be licensed in their respective state. After receiving their license, they must earn 100 hours of continuing medical education courses every two years to maintain their license.

We will see the primary care field expand fastest. Also, PAs will be assisting with more medical procedures. This conveniently allows facilities to provide the same care but at a more reasonable cost.

Physician Assistants had close to 74,800 jobs, as reported in 2008. Over half of these jobs are in private medical practices. More than 20 percent are public or private hospitals. The average annual salary of a PA is about $ 81,230 in 2008. The highest earners were employed in hospitals. The lowest incomes came from colleges or universities.

A PA should have a desire for helping patients and to be self-motivating. They should be able to think quickly, be able to stay calm, and offer a nice bed side manner to patients. Additionally, they must life long learners, as this career requires that they earn many hours of education each year in order to maintain their license. Also, a PA should be caring and compassionate in order to provide the highest quality care to patients.

Physician assistants are in high demand and we will see more physician assistants in our healthcare facilities. The employment opportunities will increase. Job responsibilities will include more procedures then is now included, and the scope of employment will grow. A PA is a great career.

As our society demands cost-effective healthcare, <a href="">physician assistant jobs</a> are in demand. Let us tell you more about <a href="">PA jobs</a> right now.

Working As A Nurse Practitioner In Texas

A nurse practitioner in Texas has extended their studies and experience beyond that of a registered nurse. They have advanced training and are considered on the same level as medical doctors. They have generally finished their post graduate studies at masters or doctoral level. Their training, skills and experience exceeds that required by a registered nurse.

In order to be given this status they must have a field of expertise and get registered with the state nursing board. They offer all round treatments, and offer advice to clients and their families when affected by sicknesses. They are qualified to be a primary healthcare giver, on the same level as physicians and general practitioners. Some work on their own independently, while others work together in a team of medical experts, but this is not essential to practice.

They can also perform therapy across all channels including laboratory and diagnostic testing. They are qualified to help manage and diagnose chronic diseases and they can also give physical therapy and rehabilitation to injured patients. Prenatal advice and care can be issued as can medical help for children including immunizations.

They focus on the principal of cure and care. They treat and help people recover from illness and problems and also issue lifestyle guidance. They do this to try and help people from becoming reinfected and manage their own health. They can give counsel on matters related to health and wellbeing such as diets, dietary supplements and exercise.

These practitioner jobs have evolved from desperate beginnings nearly fifty years ago. The occupation began in response to a problem with doctors in the nineteen sixties and has flourished ever since. The occupation is practiced in north America, Australia and Canada to date. Some independent NPs make house calls to people and provide much more of a traditional service. Others work from a practice, either in conjunction with other medical people or on their own.

These qualified personnel can treat people of all races and ages. Part of their qualification includes the option to provide prescription medication. They also have dispensary rights to help treat patients. They are usually consulted because they provide high quality care at reasonable prices.

Nurse Practitioner Job in Texas are in high regard and the occupation is considered a natural progression from becoming a registered nurse. It offers a rewarding job with the opportunity to help people. Their professionals have become qualified through hard work and experience and sealed this with further studies at tertiary level. The occupation can also pay very well.

The same level of medical treatment can be issued by nurse practitioner jobs in Texas as doctors. They can work with patients of all ages and races and can also give the prescriptions out to heal problems. They are licensed to dispense medicine as well. They have qualifications both in terms of studies and field experience, having both postgraduate degrees and advanced medical experience during the course of their careers. To practice they register with their state nursing board.


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Working With The Litton Resource Group

It seems like just trying to find a job these days is a full time job in itself. But many companies are finding it difficult to even find the time to weed through the amount of applicants they receive regularly. This is how working with Litton Resource Group to locate nurse practitioner jobs can be very helpful.

This organization will recruit qualified personnel for the positions and match them up with the facilities that need their services. They work more as a middle man and cut the time involved on each party down considerable so they are able to spend their time more wisely. Those in the health care field find it very difficult to find qualified applicants and they need to get them hired quickly.

This organization works very hard on finding the most quality people for the jobs. This diligence can ensure the health care facilities that when they receive a recommendation from them, the person will be capable of handling anything that comes their way. Applicants go through a very rigid screening process and background checks to make sure they will fit within the facility effortlessly.

They have a team that is dedicated to the client to walk them through the entire process and make sure that both the facility and the organization are in sync as to what is truly needed. They are ready to help fill a need at any second as they always have a full staff that is ready to respond. If there are every any questions or concerns they are addressed quickly and professionally.

They are also ready to work with job candidates and help them in setting realistic goals in their health care careers. They also work with a network of partners throughout the country to help fill those needs as well. If someone is willing to locate, they can find a position through these networks fairly easily. The number of partners is growing at a rapid pace and they all are trying to help one another.

Before using any recruitment service, it is important to do a little research and get all the facts possible about the company. While the Litton Resource Group works only in the health care fields, there are many others who will work with other areas of expertise. It is also a good idea to read the testimonials on a company to see how well they worked for other people.

It is also a good idea to meet with the Recruitment personnel if at all possible. This will help to ensure that everyone is on the same page and the goals desired will and can be met. This will help to avoid any real problems in the placement process.

If a good recruitment service is found, it can save everyone hours of time. Both the job seeker and the employer can find that working with Litton Resource Group to locate nurse practitioner jobs can make the process very painless. By working with those who deal is specific fields, one can be sure they will have the best quality job and staff available.


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Nurse Practitioner Jobs In Texas

A nurse practitioner in Texas has extended their studies and experience beyond that of a registered nurse. They have advanced training and are considered on the same level as medical doctors. They have generally finished their post graduate studies at masters or doctoral level. Their training, skills and experience exceeds that required by a registered nurse.

In order to be given this status they must have a field of expertise and get registered with the state nursing board. They offer all round treatments, and offer advice to clients and their families when affected by sicknesses. They are qualified to be a primary healthcare giver, on the same level as physicians and general practitioners. Some work on their own independently, while others work together in a team of medical experts, but this is not essential to practice.

These jobs in Texas can give medical assistance all round and can diagnose and help manage all types of chronic disease. They can order diagnostic testing and lab work to be done. They can also help patients out through physical therapy and healing. They are qualified to give ante natal assistance and child wellness advice, including vaccines.

They focus on the principal of cure and care. They treat and help people recover from illness and problems and also issue lifestyle guidance. They do this to try and help people from becoming reinfected and manage their own health. They can give counsel on matters related to health and wellbeing such as diets, dietary supplements and exercise.

Nurse practitioner jobs in Texas had interesting beginnings, and were only created because of a shortage of physicians at the time to treat people. This happened during the sixties in the states and has been a common career choice ever since. T is currently recognized in Australia, north America and Canada. It is rare but some NPs still conduct house calls to consult with sick patients. Other work from a professional practice which they can share or work from on their own.

People of all ages and races can be treated by these qualified personnel. They have full prescription privileges to be able to do their jobs properly, including the rights to dispense medicine as they see fit. They are renowned for their quality of healthcare and the cost effectiveness at which they offer it.

Nurse Practitioner Job in Texas are in high regard and the occupation is considered a natural progression from becoming a registered nurse. It offers a rewarding job with the opportunity to help people. Their professionals have become qualified through hard work and experience and sealed this with further studies at tertiary level. The occupation can also pay very well.

Nurse practitioner jobs in Texas is fully qualified to offer the same treatment and level of medical care as a doctor. They may consult with patients of all ages and are entitled to issue prescription to help treat them. They also have dispensary privileges. They are well qualified individuals who have studied to advanced post graduate level and acquired substantial experience in the medical field during their careers. They need to be registered with the state nursing board to be able to practice.

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Nurse Practitioner Jobs Are Quickly Becoming Popular Every Year

More people are wanting to learn about Nurse Practitioner Jobs simply because an NP position might offer much more flexibility, responsibility and reward than any other nursing position might. This article is going to be looking at some of the most basic considerations to have when considering such NP positions.

A lot of nurses go back to school to get the extra education required for these positions and many consider it to be well worth the effort. A lot of these nurses are going to have more extensive education than others. Most of these nurses hold masters degrees and sometimes even doctrines. These nurses get to do many things that other registered nurses would be forced to allow doctors to do.

One important thing to remember about these kind of nurses is that most of them are trained in an area of specialty. Some common examples would be NPs dedicated to families, NPs dedicated to women or NPs dedicated to pediatrics. The extra education that they possess allows these nurses to hone in on such specialties. Some patients turn to NPs more than they do traditional doctors because of this.

It is very common for these NPs to be called upon when somebody is being diagnosed with mental illness. There are a number of RNs that have been trained to properly identify and recognize many of the most common mental illnesses. A lot of NPs are actually able to diagnose mental disease. It is also common for an NP to be able to diagnose many types of physical ailments as well.

There are two common paths that an NP can take when it comes to entering the workforce. There are many NPs that work along with doctors at the doctor's office. There are other NPs that work on their own, entirely independent of doctors. Some independent NPs might enjoy flexibilities and freedoms that those that are required to work along side doctors. This might not always be the case though.

When it comes to performing minor types of surgery it is very common for NPs to be called upon. In a doctor's office the doctor might be the one actually performing minor surgeries however an NP will usually be very closely assisting this doctor throughout the course of the procedure. An NP that works independently of doctors might be actually performing minor surgery without doctors assistance.

Counseling people and families is often a very regular part of this type of position. A lot of NPs fill slots that require them to work closely with families that they also have to counsel. These NPs are not only treating physical ailments but mental ones as well.

More people are wanting to learn more about Nurse Practitioner Jobs and this article is not a bad place to start doing so. There are going to be many students that aim for this path and many RNs than want to upgrade to it. This is because these people want the higher level of responsibility and flexibility.

Get the low down on important things to consider when it comes to <a href="">Nurse Practitioner Jobs</a> now in our article on basics of <a href="">NP Jobs</a>

Job Search Advice For Nurse Practitioners


As you’re all aware by now, job hunting today is a much more complex endeavor than ever before. Let’s review what we’ve learned about job hunting for nurse practitioners over the past several months. Here are some of the things you need to be doing to be competitive in today’s job marketplace:

1. Join both real world and virtual groups for networking and support.

2. Enlist the help of a mentor or career counselor.

3. Stay on top of current and emerging trends by reading nurse practitioner industry-specific magazines and blogs regularly.

4. Attend classes and workshops whenever possible.

5. Keep your resume up-to-date.

6. Be intentional about improving your personal character.

And finally, Google yourself to see what comes up! That’s right. I “googled” myself several years ago and was only listed 3 times in very obscure articles and websites. Totally harmless. Now my name is all over the place and some of the information is outdated and incorrect. Fortunately, there is nothing embarrassing or incriminating. More and more companies are requiring their HR people to research job candidates online, and though it may seem a violation of our privacy and our rights, the things they’re finding could affect your ability to get or keep a job.


  • If you are on social sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, make sure your profile pictures and biographical information are correct and current. If you have questionable photos, posts or friends, remove them. If your pages contain things you wouldn’t want your kids or your mom to see, you definitely don’t want it there for employers to see!
  • Ask current or former co-workers and supervisors to provide recommendations on LinkedIn.
  • If you find your online reputation to be seriously troubling you may want to enroll the help of a reputation management company like ReputationDefender.

Still think all of this stuff is just a passing fad that will go away with time and have no real impact on the way we do business/ Consider this: The Library of Congress will be acquiring and permanently storing the entire archive of public Twitter posts since 2006. It’s not going away!


For more information you can read more here

Nurse Practitioner Practices Wilderness Medicine

My brother-in-law was riding his All-Terrain-Vehicle a few years ago in the hot Southern California desert just outside of Palm Springs when he remembers hitting a bump in the dirt road he was on. His next memory was waking up in the hospital. Lucky for him, the racing dunes are not too far from the Interstate 10 freeway, which means relatively easy and quick access to nearby hospitals. His friends loaded him into the back of their truck and sped off to the hospital where he was cared for and released with a lot of bruising. It certainly could have been a different scenario, especially if he had been hundreds of miles from the nearest emergency room

To read the entire article go to

We hope you enjoy this article.....

NP Dream Jobs

In an effort to keep Nurse Practitioners aware of all our new jobs we will begin posting new jobs directly to our blog for your review and consideration.




The Top 50 Nurse Practitioner Blogs

Nurses are tough cookies, but every now and then they need some room to vent and rant too. This list is compiled of the best nurse practitioner blogs, some other good-egg nurses’ blogs, nursing resources and news Web sites and a few surprises. These nurses aren’t grumpy; they’re just tired of listening to the rest of us complain.

Nurse Practitioner Blogs
1. The Nurse Practioner’s Place – This is a straightforward blog that deftly mixes humor with practical advice. The author blogs about everything from medical news and office etiquette to her discovery of the world’s most delicious cake.
2. What School Doesn’t Teach About Being a Nurse Practitioner – Just like the name says, this site is about giving you the nurse practitioner lowdown that school doesn’t. This includes humorous posts about dress codes, PCP, and the lady lumps that Fergie wasn’t talking about.
3. The Nervewracking Nurse Practitioner – This site tackles head-on the issues of practitioners needing physicians to practice, as well as being snubbed by insurance provider lists. The blog also offers time-saving resources, healthcare tips, and more.
4. New NP – As the name implies, this blog is about dealing with being the new NP on the block, and dealing with everything from surviving the first day on the job to dealing with patients’ tears.
5. A Nurse Practitioner’s View – This blog explores the politics of medical news, such as how tighter tobacco regulation will affect the medical world. It also offers practical medical advice as well as thoughts on the medical industry.
6. Bailey Blog – This blog offers tales by and from the Bailey family, including the civil litigation lawyer David and the nurse practitioner Michelle. This image-filled website is full of laughs for the whole family.
7. The Beast… – In the blogger’s own words, this site offers “A chronology of my husband’s treatment for multiple myeloma.” While something of a tear-jerker, this site is an amazing read.
8. A grumpyRN – This blog offers advice from a nurse practitioner with over 25 years of experience under their belt. Advice touches on topics such as patient mobility, whistle blowing, and the world of medical IT.
9. No Place For Old NP’s – This southwestern blog tackles outpatient follow-up, so-called “immaculate conceptions,” and the lifestyles of visiting patients.
10. HospiceNP – This inpatient hospice blog cuts to the chase with advice on patient restraints, prescribing controlled drugs, and dealing with patients who are also friends.
11. DukeNP99 – This family nurse practitioner’s blog deals with humorous home life topics as well as tales from the medical world.

Nurse Practitioner Industry News and Blogs
12. Nurse Practitioner Business Owner Blog – As you’d expect from the name, this blog offers advice on the business side of the nurse practitioner industry. The advice is straightforward and practical, with topics such as getting quickly credentialed as well as putting your business on the map.
13. – This passionate blog examines emerging controversies in the medical community. In-between, there are helpful, entertaining posts with titles like “How Not to Choke Your Non-Compliant Patients.”
14. American Academy of Nurse Practitioners – An association specifically for the advocacy of nurse practitioners. Established in 1985, nurse practitioners turn to this organization to network and get the latest developments in nurse practitioning.
15. The Nurse Practitioner’s Place – This thorough site offers information about specific medical conditions, as well as tackling questions about doctors versus nurse practitioners, hospital acquired infections, and more.
16. NP – This site hosts a variety of free NP-related downloads, such as process protocol templates, practice agreements, and more.
17. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners – You can browse current or past issues of this prestigious journal, as well as submit your own manuscripts for publication.
18. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Jobs – Like the name says, this site is all about scoring you a pediatric nurse practitioner job. There’s tips on hiring practices, job placement, and contract negotiation.
19. NP Central – A site for nurse practitioners seeking useful information on anything and everything that affects the nurse practitioner field.

Nursing Industry Goodies
20. Dear Nurses – This image-filled site offers tips on improving clinical skills and patient communication. The specialty of the site is colorful, printable PDFs to help explain the nature of various medical conditions to your patients.
21. Career Transitions and Other Nurse Topics – This site aims to be your one-stop nursing needs shop. In addition to her informative posts about the medical community, the Nurse Connect family of sites offers links to nursing jobs, educational opportunities, and a variety of nursing resources.
22. About a Nurse – This colorful site offers tips for teaching (and learning), finding (and keeping) a job, and navigating the dreaded operating room.
23. Nursing Jobs and Gossip in the Workplace – This blog offers the thoughts of a Midwestern graduate nurse. As the name implies, entries vary from finding a job, surviving it, and thriving on the great workplace gossip.
24. Clinical Cases and Images – Blog – This site offers compilations of health news, many medically-informative Youtube videos, and info on emerging medical treatments.
25. Nursing Job A Day – This Florida blog offers thoughts on critical care, medical research, infection prevention, and more.
26. – This is another great site to help you locate nursing jobs from coast to coast.
27. Nursing Law & Order – Focusing on the legal aspects of nursing, this site offers concise updates that are ideal for reading over breakfast before beginning your day.
28. Off the Charts – This American Journal of Nursing blog offers thoughts on healthcare reform, swine flu survival, and the relationship between spirituality and nursing.
29. What’s new in nursing – Another great “portal” type blog, this site offers breaking news, links to other blogs, case studies, and much more.
30. Nursing Jobs Plus – Like you’d expect from the name, this site is all about finding nursing jobs. You can search by title as well as location.
31. Nursing Research: Show me the evidence! – This thorough blog offers tips on making surgeries easier, links to great nursing literature, and surprising sources of patient infection.
32. The MedFriendly Blog – This doctor’s blog dishes on dementia, corporate medical policy, memory improvement, and more.
33. Medblogopathy – This blog deals with medical politics, tales from the office, and surviving your medical mistakes.
34. Resources for Nurses and Families – A database of essential nursing information and links for nurses and families that are in need of medical information.

Other Noteworthy Nurse Blogs
35. A Place I Call Home – This blog offers tales from “a city girl gone smalltown,” and offers thoughts on the nature of the medical world, as well as how to give yourself a well-needed break from it.
36. NeoNurseChic – Though the updates are infrequent, the sheer thorough nature of each post on this blog makes up for it. The blogger herself takes on Octo-mom ethics, surviving grad school, and even offers her own musical compositions.
37. Head Nurse – This humorous blog offers tips on surviving arrogant surgeons, Summer sinus infections, and waxes philosophic on the healing powers of Scotch.
38. Warrior Mom – This blog comes from the wisdom of a mother, professor, and nurse practitioner all rolled into one. This site has much humanity and heart, and offers hope for a better future.
39. Nurse Pickle – Offering the perspective of one who has been a nurse for just over a year, this site offers many smiles as you read her adventures of surviving the nursing world.
40. Running a Hospital – Offering a different perspective, this hospital CEO’s blog meditates on efficiency, organization, and the reduction of waiting times to see a doctor.
41. March of the Platypi – This site focuses on wacky stories about patients and townies, and proves a very entertaining read, indeed.
42. Just Up the Dose – This blog mixes family and life musings with amusing tales from the worlds of community service and medicine.
43. Drug Pusher – This bitterly amusing blogger offers tales from “the trenches in Heroin Town ER,” and offers tips on navigating medical errors, as well as patient tales ranging from horrific to hilarious (with, admittedly, some overlap).
44. The Makings of a Nurse – This blog offers thoughts on self-improvement, dealing with patients, surviving the job, and becoming a better nurse.
45. The Magical Mystery Land of Community Health – This humorous blog deals with just how much you should share with patients, amusing haikus, winning over your PCP, and more.

Nursing Community Blogs and Forums
46. Nursing Dynamics and Clinical Issues – Another great blogger in the Nurse Connect family of sites, this blog offers hopes for the future of nursing, keys to understanding patients, and other great tips for surviving daily practice.
47. Message Boards and Blogs – This provides a place for nurses can dish about every aspect of the job, and find commiseration and camaraderie in equal measure.
48. The Nursing Site Blog – Serving as a “a blog for nurses, student nurses, and those who want to become nurses,” and addresses everything from emerging medical practices to media portrayals of nurses. Just be careful of the automatically-starting music.
49. Healthcare POV – This site serves as a portal to a variety of blogs, letting you stay updated about each one with a simple click of the refresh button.
50. Forums – This forum offers posts ranging from whimsical to cosmically profound, and invites you to join in on the chaos.


Midlevel Providers Fill Primary Care Doctor's Shoes

August 27, 2010 From NPR

Increasingly, the doctor is not in when it comes to delivering primary care. But the nurse practitioner or physician assistant is often taking the doctor's place.

"We are ideally suited for it. And it's so cost-effective compared to any other form of medical provider," says Jim Love, a physician assistant from rural Pittsfield, Maine. "We need to be educating a lot more of us."

Michael McDonald, the primary care physician who supervises Love from 25 miles up the road in Dexter, Maine, agrees.

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Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant-Psychiatric

This is worth checking out for sure

Nurse Practitioners Want More Independence

Some of David Jones' patients call him Dr. David, but he's not an M.D.

Jones is a nurse practitioner, one of many who practice in Alabama, meeting with patients, diagnosing their health problems,
running tests and writing prescriptions. For some of his patients, he's a lifesaver.

Take Ruby Lamar, a patient at the Capstone Rural Health Center in Walker County where Jones works. The unemployed, uninsured
61-year-old hadn't sought medical care since her daughter was born in 1986, but this summer she got such bad bronchitis she couldn't sleep at night. So she came in for treatment and recently returned for a checkup, during which Jones also checked a lump she recently found in her arm.

"They're real nice. You can't get any better than here," Lamar said. "They take the time to talk to you and ask you how you're doing."

Some health experts say the nurse-run care Jones provides is the future of medicine in this country. Last month, the Institute of Medicine issued a 500-plus-page report saying that advanced practice nurses, including nurse practitioners, are a critical part of health reform and should be used to their full potential, especially in rural areas where there's a shortage of primary care doctors.

"The need is here, seriously," said Jones, whose federally funded clinic sees about 2,000 patients a year, most of them poor, from Winston, Walker, Tuscaloosa and western Jefferson counties.

But nursing advocates say Alabama's restrictions on nurse practitioners, which are among the tightest in the country, are hindering residents' access to care. Despite the national push to expand nurses' role, efforts to loosen some of the regulations here have failed to get traction in the state Legislature.

"The problem is that nurse practitioner law as it is now really limits the quality of care in Alabama," said Leigh Ann Poole, who chairs the family nurse practitioner program at Samford University's Ida V. Moffett School of Nursing. "We have a great need for increased numbers of providers who can provide primary care to patients in Alabama, both in the urban and rural areas, and nurse practitioners can be a solution to that problem. But because of the restrictive practice act, we are limited in how far we can go to help our patients."

They're hoping that changes soon: A task force convened at the request of now Gov.elect Robert Bentley recommended in 2004 that more nurse practitioners should be trained in and recruited to Alabama and the state's rules governing collaborative practices between doctors and nurse practitioners should be modified.

Alabama's restrictions

Certified registered nurse practitioners, or CRNPs, are registered nurses who get a graduate degree in a nurse practitioner program and national certification. In Alabama, they are then required to work under a collaborative practice agreement with a physician. Many serve in hospitals, clinics and private offices, sharing patients with physicians. But others work on their own, in which case they have to have a doctor visit at least 10 percent of the time and review at least 10 percent of their patient charts.

Other states have a broad range of requirements, from Arizona and Iowa, which allow nurse practitioners to work independently, to Oklahoma, which requires that every two full-time nurse practitioners have a physician overseeing them.

Alabama is the only state besides Florida where CRNPs can't prescribe controlled substances, which means that although they can write prescriptions for antibiotics and other medications, they can't dole out pain drugs, many antidepressants and even some antidiarrheal or cough medicines. If their patients need those medications, the nurse practitioners must consult with their collaborating physician, who then writes a prescription.

That can be frustrating when it comes to treating patients, as can other inconveniences, like needing a doctor to sign off on physical therapy orders and even handicapped hang tags, said Beth Whitworth, a CRNP who treats mostly elderly patients from Scottsboro, Albertville and Guntersville. When she worked previously in Kentucky and Tennessee, she didn't face those roadblocks, she said.

"Some things just don't make a whole lot of sense," she said. "We are completely competent to do them; it's just the state of Alabama."

Nurse practitioner Lindsey Todd.jpgNurse practitioner Lindsey Todd enters information into the computer as she talks with patient Vivian Key of Parrish at the Capstone Rural Health Center. (The Birmingham News/Linda Stelter)

The nurses have gotten two bills sponsored in the state Legislature -- one that would allow them to work independently and prescribe controlled substances and another, narrower measure that would just let nurse practitioners and nurse midwives in collaborative practice with doctors prescribe some controlled substances, but not all.

Neither got traction, and advocates claim they've been stymied by resistance from the state's physicians. They say the doctors carry more weight than nurses and fear losing control of the profession and their patients.

"It seems to be an issue based on competition, and it shouldn't be.

The issue should be access to care," said Lori Lioce, president of the Nurse Practitioner Alliance of Alabama.

Larry Dixon, a retired state senator who heads the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners, which shares oversight of the collaborations between doctors and nurse practitioners with the state Board of Nursing, says it's about safety, not competition, because doctors have more education and clinical training. The board says it supports more collaborative practices but doesn't want nurses working without physician oversight. And ALAPAC, the lobbying arm of the Medical Association of Alabama, urged doctors to oppose loosening restrictions for nurses, writing on its website in response to a 2009 bill that it "would put patient safety and quality care in Alabama at risk."

There are few in-depth looks into whether that's true; in fact, this fall, members of the American Academy of Family Physicians asked the group to fund a study even if the doctors represented didn't like the outcome.

A recent American Medical Association policy briefing says that even though nurse practitioners who act as primary caregivers instead of doctors receive high marks for patient satisfaction, there are few recent, statistically reliable studies comparing health outcomes between doctors and nurses.

"There's just a world of difference" between the two, Dixon said. "There's lots of things that a nurse practitioner is capable of diagnosing and treating, but the Board of Medical Examiners will never

agree to let someone, because they're a nurse practitioner, put out a shingle and start practicing medicine because they're not physicians."

More time with patients

That riles the nurses, who bristle at the fact that, under the collaborative practice rules, they are inspected by the medical board as well as the Board of Nursing, and the medical board gets some of the fees. They also say many of the CRNPs who train and study in Alabama end up leaving for other states where they can practice more easily and make more money; in fact, Alabama's largest insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield, will not cover nurse practitioners' services when performed independently of a physician.

"We're really not out there to expand our scope of practice," said Lioce. "We're just fighting to do what we're nationally certified to do."

The nurses also argue that they offer a different approach to medicine, one that's focused on relationships and holistic care. They charge less and their days aren't as packed, so they can take more time with patients, said Jones, who has his doctorate in nursing.

That's why Kenneth Newsome likes visiting Jones' clinic. The 58-year-old from Cordova, who was unemployed, was having trouble managing his diabetes until a friend brought him in. Now his nurse, Lindsey Todd, checks the dosage on his medications, goes over his blood sugar journal and makes sure he can afford needles for his insulin.

"The doctors I went to loaded me down with all this medicine and said, 'see you in three months,' " Newsome said. "It's more personal down here. It's more friendly."


Written and Published by Hannah Wolfson -- The Birmingham News

Nov 7th 2010

The Public Image of Nurse Practitioners

Although the role of the nurse practitioner (Np) has been in existence for several decades, it is still not well understood or recognized by the public. More than one-third of Americans report that their knowledge of health care comes from the media. Yet the media does little to recognize the roles of nurses as health care providers.1

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The Nurse Practitioner In Rural America

It’s an old story, and nurse practitioners (NPs) in rural and underserved areas know it well. The last physician in town finally leaves the area because of mounting debt, bad health, or a better opportunity, only to have an NP move in to try to del ....R

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The Utilization of Nurse Practitioners In The Hospital.

More and more hospitals are using in-house physicians and nurse practitioners to monitor patient care.

"Is this the wave of the future? Yes, because it is already the wave of the present," said Robert Wachter, MD, president of the National Association of Inpatient Physicians and chief of medical services at UCSF, where 20 percent of last year’s internal medicine residents chose to follow the school’s hospitalist

"The forces promoting it are only accelerating it," Wachter said.

You can read the entire article here:   Nurse Practitioner Jobs

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Nurse Practitioner Careers

Nurse Practitioner Job Description

Have you ever needed a job description for a nurse practitioner? From time to time I get calls from clients that are in need of a good job description. In most cases they have not used nurse practitioners in the past and putting together a good job description is a great place to start. I found a good little web site that offers job descriptions, educational information and some good articles on the nurse practitioner profession. You can check it out HERE I hope you find this informative....check back later for more posts. Happy Holidays

Job Challenges For Nurse Practitioners

The role of the Nurse Practitioner has been changing slowly over time due to the increasing demand for the NP in the medical work setting. This increase in demand now has nurse practitioners facing many new challenges. The need for a more flexible and progressive approach to a nurse practitioner’s delivery of care is a fundamental challenge. Much of the work traditionally carried out by general practitioners will need to be delegated to properly trained personnel such as nurse practitioners. This means that the ability to work with the medical profession and with other healthcare professionals is most important to the leadership challenges facing nurse practitioners. This is particularly important in poorer communities where access to a general physician is limited. Nurse practitioners in these settings will be relied on in such areas as providing medical advice, assessing illnesses and injuries, screening and categorizing patients, monitoring and care for patients with chronic illnesses, prescribing and interpreting diagnostic tests, health promotion and education, nutritional advice, breast and cervical screening…etc. There are also challenges with prescriptive authority and the barriers that are created when a practitioner does not have that ability. Nurse practitioners need to be given broad prescriptive authority to really address the cost of health care in the United States. As nurse practitioner programs spread across the country and more nurse practitioners become involved in all areas of the medical profession, there is growing demand to modify nurse practitioner programs to quell physician concerns and allow nurse practitioners to take on more responsibilities. There are many resources that can be used to help the practitioner deal with these challenges.

As the demand continues to increase for Nurse Practitioners they will have many job options to consider as they seek the best practice opportunity for them. Nurse practitioners are committed to excellence in meeting and exceeding a quality standard of care. Throughout the world, nurse practitioners are being accepted and respected as essential healthcare providers. The issue is the lack of acceptance and recognition by medical professional associations and legislative bodies. Since health promotion and disease prevention have become a concern throughout the world, in the coming years, nurse practitioners are going to be recognized as a valuable and essential asset for the entire medical community.

Check Out This Great Resource for Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners

I was doing some internet research for a private practice group that is in need of several Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners to join their group. In doing my research I ran across a very good resource. Check it out as I think you will find it helpful and informative. Here is the link Psych Resource Let me know what you think. Thanks

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! NP and PA Jobs

Litton Resource Group - Houston County, TX
Our client is a well established busy Ob/Gyn practice in Houston Texas. There are 4 physicians and 1 PA on staff. This job involves working with one etc...
from - 30+ days ago - email - more...
Litton Resource Group - Houston County, TX
Our client is a very busy weight loss surgeon that is in need of a PA with surgical experience. Candidate will be first assist with surgeon at the etc...
from - 30+ days ago - email - more...
Litton Resource Group - TX
client is a prestigous orthopedic group that is in need of a PA with at least etc...
from - 30+ days ago - email - more...
Litton Resource Group - IL
hospitals as well as many physician groups in all specialties. This is currently ... ... hospitals as well as many physician groups in all specialties. This is currently etc...
from - 1 week 2 days ago - email - more...
Litton Resource Group - IL
Our client is a prestigious General and Bariatric Surgeon that practices in southern IL. The practice is part of a large healthcare network. This is etc...
from - 1 week 1 day ago - email - more...
Litton Resource Group - Charlotte, NC
You will be an employee of the medical group but work out of the hospital. They ... ... You will be an employee of the medical group but work out of the hospital. They etc...
from - 3 weeks 2 days ago - email - more...
Litton Resource Group - Melbourne, FL
Our client is a solo Urology practice located in the Melbourne FL area that is in need of a PA to join the practice. The hours are Mon-Fri etc...
from - 5 days 17 hours ago - email - more...
Litton Resource Group - Elmira, NY
Our client is a very busy Psychiatry Practice that is expanding and is need of additional Nurse Practitioners. The practice currently has one etc...
from - 30+ days ago - email - more...
Litton Resource Group - Las Vegas, NV
Our Client  is an established and busy Neurology Practice in Nevada. Board certified physicians work with physician assistants daily in state of the etc...
from - 30+ days ago - email - more...


Using Social Media to find Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant Jobs

Social Media has really taken off in the last five years and is now a mainstream tool that can be used very effectively to locate nurse practitioner jobs and physician assistant jobs. Blogs and Forums are great places to gather information on PA and NP Schools, medical supplies, Jobs and career advice in general. The Forums are nice because you can interact with other Physician Assistants and talk about the issues you face on the job each day. People share stories and advice that you may find beneficial in your career. One of my favorite forums is Physician Assistant Forum And Jobs Check it out and let me know what you think.

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